Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A First Birthday

P A R T Y !!!
I had a lot of fun planning and prepping for Everett's first birthday party.  A few late nights cutting banners, scrapbooking, putting together a slideshow, making the fun chalkboard (at his 1 year check up a few days after the party, we found out he actually weighed 21 lbs), hand crafting the cake toppers... I love this stuff!  I also have many thank yous to hand out because without the help of several special people, the vision I had may not have come to fruition.  Kerrie, thank you for helping make the tissue balls and thank you for hosting a garage sale so that I could buy those lanterns to later spray paint.  Mom, thank you for the many cute camping and fishing props (purchased and borrowed) you collected over time leading up to the party.  The tin mugs, canteens, fishing basket and vest all were great touches!  And thank you for helping collect sticks and acorns.  You are awesome!  Dad, thank you for your set up and tear down help.  I love your giving nature.  Thank you to my hubby for helping spray paint the lanterns, setting up the tents, hanging decor and being the grill master for the party.  Kailey, a million thanks for surprising us by flying in to share in this special weekend!  It was SO wonderful to have you here.  Thank you for adding fun details to the party decor and helping set up.  I'm so happy you were a part of this.  We are grateful for the family and friends who spent their Saturday afternoon with us celebrating Everett.


The above tent photo is from his 1 year photo session.  Think it's as adorable as I do? 
Stay tuned for a blog post of pure cuteness!

Mmmmm, cake!
I surrender.  Clean me up!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet boy!
Happy Birthday!